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The Black Women’s Elevation Circle is a leadership development and communications program providing step-by-step guidance to help you master the fundamentals of compelling, captivating and influential communication. It’s designed to meet the specific needs of emerging and experienced Black women leaders who are charged with strategic decision-making and driving results.

BWEC is anchored around the six shifts and twelve leader agilities necessary for success in a rapidly changing work environment. The agilities are rooted in inside-out development that tap into the inner core of character strengths. This creates sustainable change that instills inner confidence, clarity and creativity. As a result, you become more engaged, driven and find more meaning in your work.

You are invited to become a member of this exclusive monthly mentoring program designed for Black women who are ready to take radical leaps to amplify their Vision, Voice & Visibility.

"Prior to working with Felicia I had interviewed for this job two times to no avail and when it came open again, I knew that I really needed to focus on clarifying my passion and skills. After just two Power Sessions with Felicia, I was able to confidently secure my dream job and gain a better perspective on my goals and assets. Felicia skillfully guided me through the process."

Dr. Felicia Durden
Principal, Cartwright School District

"I am so inspired by Felicia's zeal, passion and strong commitment to women! I also appreciate the nurturing and support she has personally given me towards actualizing my dreams. She really put a fire underneath me to stop procrastinating and really go out and do what I say I am committed to"

Vanessa Williams

"Due to the power of this program, I am a proud alumni and happy to be returning to grow even more! Felicia has designed it to be a unique, interactive online experience that forces you to dig deep and look at yourself. It's not for the faint of heart but I did finish my book and negotiate a pay increase the last time I participated! I re-enrolled because I had fallen off my wagon in some ways and had lost momentum and I’m so glad that I did. I now have a clearer idea of my personal brand story, the subtle nuances and changes in the story as a result of personal growth since the last time I participated and I have the tools I need to get focused on building my brand in a higher way as I head into 2017."

Tonika Breeden
Speaker & Author

"Felicia is dynamic, informative, thoughtful, and intuitive. She has developed coaching systems, but she also has the unique ability to quickly get to know you, understand your needs, and develop a customized coaching plan that will equip you with the tools you need to excel in your career and business. She has helped me navigate my career journey with great success."

Tonika Breeden
Communications Director

"The most impactful experience I have had in the last 5 years of my professional career! Before working with Felicia, my leadership skills were not meeting the needs of the target market I was working to lead. The guidance Felicia provided was a launching pad for all the leadership tools that were missing from my tool kit and provided me with what I needed to be an effective leader. I can honestly say that no matter where you are on your path to leadership, this Felicia will strengthen you to take it to the next level."

Laura Bullock
Hope’s Crossing

"Felicia's presentations are a treasure! Each golden nugget creates a new. "if and maybe"; complacency was starting to feel comfortable. I was not motivated or moved to activate my shift to my next level. The one big improvement that have begun to implement based on "A-Ha" moment"

Yvonne Eggins
Manager Customer Logistics, Revlon

"Before BYBC I was teetering on "if and maybe"; complacency was starting to feel comfortable. I was not motivated or moved to activate my shift to my next level. The one big improvement that have begun to implement based on the transition and career that I am undergoing is to start my day with a daily ritual of empowerment and encouragement to sustain my enthusiasm and passion, in addition to thoughtful preparation for each of my next steps. The program calls for your full engagement but as an alumni, I can definitely say it’s well worth it!"

Patrice Bettison-Clark
HR Professional & Entrepreneur

"The Leadership Mastery Formula was nothing short of a life changing and defining moment for me! Before working with Felicia, I was unaware of my blind spots and unsure of exactly how to take my life purpose to the next level in branding, monetization and engagement. Felicia was a MASTER at articulating the areas of my life where I needed to excavate, and from that she was able to set me on a course correction that was doable, realistic and powerful at the same time."

Kareemah El Amin
Former Executive Director, Food Bank Council of Michigan

"Felicia Davis presents to leaders a comprehensive approach to developing yourself as a leader with an inspirational twist. Before working with Felicia, I was discouraged and almost ready to give up because I was letting circumstances dictate who I was and what value I brought to the table. I was doubtful of my future success. The value I received from BYBC is un-measurable. This is a course that I will use continuously as I continue to lead my own company and it will be a requirement for other key leaders in my organization. Here are some value words to describe what I received by working with Felicia: Confidence, direction, self awareness, internal fortitude, sense of purpose, and peace. This program will be a requirement for all future managers of my company!"

Michael Brown
Executive Chef & Owner, Jamburritos


A Proprietary Leadership Branding Assessment

Receive access to a one-time, proprietary self-assessment that increases self-knowledge and self-awareness by revealing why you show up the way you do. Profoundly different than other assessments, you will learn that you’re not a type, you tilt in various ways to adapt to the situation. The assessment includes a 20-page report that provides a comprehensive review of results which will allow you to implement strategically sound improvements to take your leadership to the next level.

Monthly Masterclass

Once a month you’ll receive access to a Leadership Branding Masterclass. This will be an hour of uninterrupted audio or video training walking you through a step to build your leadership brand. Topics are divided into easily digestible segments to ensure you can implement each as you go through the program.

Q&A Leadership Lab

Once a month Felicia will lead a LIVE Q&A Lab where she’ll answer your questions and deliver spotlight coaching. These calls will often include extra training and are a premium benefit to your BWEC membership.

Thought-Partner Insight Calls

These calls are with subject-matter corporate and entrepreneurial experts who’ll add another layer of knowledge and expertise to your BWEC membership.

The Online Community

Get support 24/7 in our forum for connection and support in between calls. This is the place to ask questions, get feedback, share resources, brainstorm and more with your fellow members.


    *Brand Mastery: Understanding the Power of Your Personal Brand
    *Unmask Your Brilliance: How to Break Free from the Imposter Syndrome
    *Brand Magnetism: Use Your Personal Power to Communicate with Impact & Influence
  • The One-Page Executive Playsheet allows you to capture eight key areas that every leader needs to consider on a single page. You will use this tool to stay focused on your most important priorities as a leader. It will become a living document that you use for the remainder of your professional life!
  • Quarterly access to our specialty 'Elevation Guidebooks' focused on topics like Social Media Mastery, Developing Your Keynote Speech, Creating Your Content Campaign, Brainstorming Your Book etc.
  • Discount on VIP Strategy Day Experiences:You have unique needs when it comes to growing as a leader – needs that may require individual and accelerated attention.
  • 90-Day Accountability Pods - This is a completely optional benefit to your membership where we will help you join an accountability team of 3-5 women. We provide you with a basic structure for maximizing your time but the real magic happens with you!

Your Circle Facilitator

I’m Felicia Davis and joining the BWEC allows you to leverage my 20+ years of in-the-trenches experience as an HR Executive. You’ll be a part of a community of like-minded, ambitious Black women and have access to the resources I’ve designed to help you master your communication and leadership skills.

As a former HR Executive, I know that the best leaders are incurable learners. You have an insatiable appetite for leadership development and relentlessly pursue ways to stretch your mind, broaden your experience and improve your results. My specialty is helping you make your value visible in order to be recognized, respected and compensated for the value of your contribution.

Most of my work is done with emerging and experienced Black women leaders where we focus on helping them develop more effective leadership brands, more compelling communication skills and the confidence to show up and lead with radical integrity. I am often called upon for:

  • My ability to see blind spot behavior that gets in the way of your progression
  • My capability and capacity to shift you into expansive thinking
  • My communication prowess that unlocks creativity and produces extraordinary results.
  • My one-of-a-kind, no-nonsense approach to leadership development

After spending more than two decades co-creating success for leaders across all levels of the organizations who have leveraged my expertise, it’s quite possible that I have personally experienced and worked with women with similar challenges as you. This experience, not theory, allows me to intimately know what’s necessary to survive & succeed at navigating the complexities that come with being a Black woman leader. When you join the BWEC, you get me as your thought partner helping you get what you desire and deserve while taking your leadership to the next level.


Join the Black Women’s Elevation Circle and learn how to brand your brilliance and crack the code of leadership success.


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